Record breaking mountaineer, Nirmal “Nims” Purja MBE becomes Inmarsat Ambassador

Satellite communication service provider, Inmarsat, has officially launched its Ambassador Programme earlier this month by formally bringing on record-breaking mountaineer Nirmal “Nims” Purja MBE as a brand partner.

Who is Nirmal “Nims” Purja?”


Nims is a Nepalese-British naturalised mountaineer based in Hampshire and served in both the British Army with the Brigade of Gurkhas, followed by the Special Boat Service (SBS). He was supported by Inmarsat throughout some of his ambitious expeditions over the last few years including his “14 peaks” challenge, as documented on Netflix and the first recorded ascent of K2 during the winter.

During Nims’ recent K2 expedition, support from Inmarsat’s Satellites has allowed him to keep in constant contact with members of his team at base camps and this partnership will continue with Nims’ upcoming expeditions including Everest, Lhotse and K2.

Using the highly robust and portable Cobham Explorer 710 BGAN terminal, giving him access to WiFi using laptops and mobile phones, along with an IsatPhone2 satellite phone; he was able to safely stay in contact with his team and emergency services throughout the incredible feats he has undertaken over the last few years.

“As I embark on new adventures and challenges in 2022, I am pleased to continue working with Inmarsat and look forward to using the Inmarsat kit this year with my team at Elite Exped on the Big Mountains including K2, Everest and Lhotse,” said Nims Purja.

In the past, the costs of accessing satellite infrastructure have been largely inaccessible to the general consumer. But, with services such as SpaceX’s Starlink or Inmarsat’s upcoming Orchestra, a “dynamic mesh network”, combining 4 separate connectivity applications, the future of worldwide consumer satcoms is starting to become a feasible reality.

What this Means for Inmarsat


We think this is a great move from Inmarsat. Bringing on a well-known name like Purja is only going to increase their reach and demonstrate the applications of their satellite constellations to the general consumer. Nims has an almost 2 million strong follower base on Instagram and so there is untapped potential to reach an audience they are looking to target in regard to adventurers.

Mike Carter, President of Inmarsat Enterprise, said: “We are excited to be formalising our relationship with Nims and welcoming him as an official member of the Inmarsat Ambassador Programme, following our three-year relationship. In remote parts of the world such as the Himalayas, where infrastructure does not exist or is limited, we are pleased to have been able to provide the suitable connectivity needed to support the adventure pursuits of Nims and other record-breaking mountaineers.”

Starlink is fast becoming a household name and Inmarsat’s Ambassador Programme is a fantastic way for Inmarsat to spread the message about its world-leading connectivity solutions in an industry that is going to become increasingly more competitive in the future.

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